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How does Advertising work with BrandDeli?

In the Netherlands, BrandDeli represents the strong media brands 24Kitchen, BBC First, Comedy Central, De Persgroep, Discovery, Eurosport, FOX, FOX Sports, ID, MyChannels, MTV, National Geographic, Nickelodeon, Spike, TLC, Twitter, VICE and VICELAND. Through this beautiful combination of brands, BrandDeli offers something unique for every target and every target group.

Workshop TV

We regularly organize a workshop TV. An afternoon full of inspiration and knowledge sharing, where MSAM not only acquires knowledge with other entrepreneurs but also builds a network.
During the workshop we explain in 1 afternoon how advertising works on TV, we go into concepts like the GRP, we explain how TV coverage is measured and we look at the power of TV for excluding range and conversion through different cases from practice.
Workshop TV
15:00 – 17:00
BrandDeli – Toetsenbordenweg 26, Amsterdam
15:00 Reception
15:30 TV concepts
16:00 Power of TV – Research & Figures
16:30 Cases & possibilities
17:00 Network drinks
Interested in our next workshop ?
Leave  your details via vraag@branddeli.nl and we will let you know on which dates workshops will be organized again.


Television is very strong in quickly building up a range within a target group and is the ideal medium for mass reach. With fourteen strong television brands, BrandDeli achieves a high and targeted reach within each target group.
Content is currently being consumed in many different ways, which also offers opportunities for advertisers. The combination of TV and online video provides positive synergy effects. Our online portfolio consists of more than 70 websites and apps. The portfolio contains a lot of premium video content and consists of, among other things, the online platforms of the television channels, the influencer platform MyChannels, Twitter and the various websites of VICE and De Persgroep.

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Target audiences

One of the strengths of BrandDeli is that these brands and platforms are combined to achieve a large and targeted reach in your target group, whether men, women, millennials or kids.


Brand awareness, conversion, product and brand introductions are just a few examples of objectives that BrandDeli is committed to every day. Depending on the objective, we will find the right media resources together with you.
Curious? Here are some successful cases from previous collaborations with a focus on conversion and brand awareness.

Advertising on television?

Advertising on television can be done with a small budget or a large budget.
With a budget of, for example, € 10,000, – it is already possible to reach millions of people.
Our large and diverse portfolio of brands and platforms ensures that we can achieve this reach in your targeted target group.
Do not have any visual material or commercial yet? No problem, our in-house concepting & production team will be happy to assist you in coming up with and producing your commercial.

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For those who advertise on television is new, it is possible that some new concepts come along, such as a GRP and an average contact frequency. Below we give a concise explanation of some common television concepts:

GRP: when advertising on television is purchased and settled on the basis of GRPs, which stands for Gross Rating Point. One GRP represents 1% gross reach within a specified target group (in the case of gross range, the so-called duplication is not removed).

Net reach : in contrast to gross range, the duplication is not counted in the net range. The net reach of an advertising campaign is the number of people in the target group who have been confronted with the advertising message at least once. The net range can be expressed both in absolute and in percent.

Average contact frequency: the average contact frequency indicates how often the people reached have seen the commercial on average. By multiplying the net range with the average contact frequency one obtains the gross range (and thus the GRPs).

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A calculation example:

An example: an advertising campaign has achieved 50% net reach within the target group of 20 to 34 year olds. These people reached the commercials on average 5 times seen. To calculate the gross range (the GRPs) the following formula applies:

Net range * average contact frequency = gross range

In other words: 50 * 5.0 = 250 GRPs

Effective scope: Contrary to the previous concepts, the definition of effective coverage may differ per campaign. The effective range is the range that is supposed to produce a communication effect. What is effective depends on various factors, such as the objective of the campaign, the message of the campaign, the advertiser, the product, the type of expression, etc. It can for example be that on average a certain expression is remembered after seeing three times. while that for another expression is five times. Of course we are happy to think along with the definition of effective reach for your campaign. 

Tailored advice

Are you curious about your advertising opportunities? Then contact the Business Development team.
We would like to come along for advice tailored to your needs.

Or call / whatsapp to: 06 82 69 62 73